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We are traditional Pianoforte specialists with dedicated piano showrooms and workshops, offering comprehensive piano services of the highest calibre. Our family business has one of the largest piano retail showrooms in the Midlands, stocking ranges of new, used and restored pianos at all times. We offer an expert Piano Tuning service by fully qualified, professional technicians, boasting Lincoln Cathedral, University and Drill Hall among our numerous customers. We are among leading exponents in the tuning and servicing of all premier piano makes, including Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Bechstein and Yamaha. Along with our passion for pianos and our friendly, reliable service, civility and integrity are guaranteed and as such, we believe we are “the complete piano shop”.

Our other services include:
Piano polishing
Piano restoration and repairs
Regulating and voicing
Concert piano hire
Piano removals and storage
Valuation, purchases and part-exchange

John LordCert. Ed., Dip. RSA, Craft Apprenticed

John is a fully qualified Piano Tuner and Technician who has been in the piano trade for some forty years, originally completing a five-year full Craft Apprenticeship in all aspects of piano tuning, restoration and repair. He is a renowned concert standard technician, whose tuning has been described as “perfect” by no less than the great John Lill.

John gained vast knowledge and experience in the 1980s through working with a number of piano firms on a sub-contract basis, followed by seven years of employment by local authorities tuning and maintaining school pianos. First he worked as a Technician for Nottinghamshire and then as Senior Piano Technician for the London Borough of Redbridge.

In 1990 John took up the post of lecturer on the Piano Tuning and Repair Course at Newark College: – a unique department with an international reputation, founded in 1972 for training Piano Technicians. He subsequently ran the department as Course Tutor from 1997, and has trained numerous piano technicians currently working in both the UK and overseas.

Josh LordCMIT, Dip. NSC, Craft Apprenticed

Josh is a fully qualified Piano Tuner and Technician who, like his father, trained in all aspects of piano tuning, restoration and repair. Along with his full Craft Apprenticeship, he also holds Certificate of Musical Instrument Technology qualifications and the Newark College Diploma. Here he graduated top of his class, winning the Bluthner Cup Award for the highest marks in final examination. The Director of Music at Lincoln Cathedral recently described a concert piano he had prepared as “one of the most in-tune pianos” he had ever heard.

Josh commenced learning piano tuning and repair at the age of fourteen and specialises in high quality piano restoration work, including restringing, action repairs, and full piano rebuilding.

Alongside his workshop and tuning activities, in 2009 Josh became Manager of the Piano Centre, overseeing the day to day running of the business. In 2012 he became a part-time lecturer on the Piano Tuning and Repair Course at Newark College. He too has trained many practicing Piano Technicians who have successfully gone on to self-employment or working with companies, including Steinway and Yamaha for example.


I thought I would nip out from the dressing rooms to thank you personally, for the excellent tuning, preparation and condition of the piano. I am really very pleased, thank you so much.

John Lill CBE - International Concert Pianist

I just had to phone you. Tori is absolutely blown away by the work you have done to the 280 (her Bosendorfer Concert Grand). She can’t get over the unbelievable difference you have made to the tone, touch, feel and all round performance of the piano. She says it is a different instrument! We are really keen to start an on going scheme of pre and post tour servicing and repair of all the pianos with you. Thank you so much again.

Tori Amos - International Pop Star/Pianist

Just to let you know that we were absolutely delighted with the overhaul of the piano which you carried out for us over the summer. At our concert yesterday, Nikolai said “it was better than it had ever been”, which is praise indeed, and he certainly demonstrated the instrument to the full. From the audience point of view, I must say the clarity was excellent and the improvement at the top was very noticeable. Many thanks for doing a great job.

Nikolai Demidenko - Concert Pianist

How nice to see you again. Thanks so much yet again for sorting the piano for me. It sounds as brilliant as ever. Did you know I’ve credited you on the album sleeve?

Don Airey - International Rock Star (Deep Purple) Keyboard Player/Pianist


Alongside having one of the largest piano retail shops in the Midlands, we are still first and foremost piano technicians. Our expertise is based on years of training and experience, our staff being fully apprenticed and holding relevant qualifications. Consequently, Lincoln Piano Centre is able to offer a wide range of first-rate services, which can be viewed in further detail by selecting the icons below.



We offer a top quality Piano Tuning service covering all needs from customer’s homes to the concert platform.

We are proud that our piano tuning is widely regarded as amongst the best in the East Midlands, providing a regular service to numerous concert halls, concert societies, musicians and most importantly, private individuals.

Due to our vast experience, we have encountered most types of piano, situation, problem or repair imaginable. We are, therefore, able to tackle almost any tuning and/or on-site repair tasks we are asked to undertake.

We have many satisfied private customers, where six monthly or yearly piano tuning contracts help maintain their pianos both up to pitch and in pristine condition. We are also happy to carry out casual or “one-off” tunings and repairs, a service for which we are regularly asked.

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Repair & Restoration

Repair & Restoration

Is your piano sounding and looking old and tired? Have you considered restoration?

We offer a concert standard piano repair, restoration and re-polishing service. This could range from replacing a broken string in a customer’s home, to a complete piano rebuild at our specialist workshop. No job is too large or small for us to undertake.


Piano Restoration - All aspects of the piano rebuilding process are undertaken, where older pianos can once again become superb musical instruments and items of elegance and beauty. Typical aspects include overhauling the piano action and keys (“re-felting”), repairing and refinishing the soundboard and iron frame, full restringing, and repairing and re-polishing the piano case.


Piano Re-polishing - We offer a comprehensive and expert polishing service. Pianos are stripped, damaged parts are repaired, re-veneered or replaced, and the case is then colour matched. One of a number of different finishes can then be applied, such as traditional French polish or a modern spray finish. Finishes can be matt, satin or high gloss as required.


Piano Repairs - Routine repairs for customers are regularly undertaken. These can involve repairs to the hammers, keys and other parts of the action, and often include replacement of felts, cloths, leathers and springs. Similarly, routine maintenance of the stringing, casework and castors can all be carried out.


Regulating & Voicing – We offer full and expert regulating and voicing services for both upright and grand pianos. Regulating involves the fine setting up and adjustment of the instrument such that it performs to its optimum. Excessively heavy or uneven touch, lack of repetition speed or poor leveling of the keys, are all examples of problems associated to regulating which, within the tolerances of the action, could be addressed.

Regulating is not well understood by many technicians at large, consequently we are very proud of our ability to offer this service to our customers. Similarly, we are able to harden or soften the tone of your piano in the voicing process to provide a more agreeable sound.

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Removal & Storage

Removal & Storage

We carry out all of our own removals, and have the means to move both upright and grand pianos. Pianos are not as difficult to move as is normally believed, assuming one has the correct equipment and the ‘know-how’. We are expert piano movers with some 40 years of experience.

Subject to workloads and availability, we are happy to extend this service to customers. Our only proviso is that we do not now entertain flights of stairs – ground floor to ground floor only. Most homes have a few steps up to the door; this is not a problem. Should we be unavailable at the time, we are able to recommend other excellent nationwide piano movers.

Piano Storage – It is surprising the number of people who at one time or another, have the need to place a piano into storage. Please be warned! Piano storage should only really be a short term solution, as many a good piano has gone into rapid decline whilst in storage, even with specialist storage firms. This is because pianos do not respond well to extremes of temperature and humidity (damp!).

Should you require storage for your piano, please contact us. We are able to offer a storage package that includes:

Removal and transportation of the piano to our storage facility

Storage in safe and optimal conditions

Check over and tune at end of the storage period

Removal and transportation of the piano to its new location

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Concert Piano Hire

Concert Piano Hire

Although our specialism is classical concert piano hire, we have both an upright and grand pianos available for all types of engagement.

We are proud to have two fantastic concert standard instruments, both nearly new and in their absolute prime. We have a Steinway Model ‘B’ grand piano and also, a larger still Grotrian-Steinweg grand, both of which have been played by all Britain’s leading concert pianists over the last few years. Both pianos are available to hire for concerts, events, recording sessions and other functions. As they are in high demand, we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment!

Should you require a more modest piano for an engagement, we also have an excellent quality upright piano available. For our Steinway grand hire particularly, we have discovered that our rates are very competitive when compared with those of other providers.

With regard to hire, we are able to offer a superb all-inclusive package, which comprises:

Supply of the piano including transportation to the venue

Full setting up on the stage area

Supply of a quality piano stool

Concert tuning to BS pitch

Removal and transportation of the piano away from the venue

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