Traditional Piano Tuning

Our Piano Tuning service covers all needs. From customer’s homes to the concert platform.

We are regarding as amongst the best Piano Tuners in the East Midlands. We provide a regular service to many concert halls, musicians and private individuals.

We are able to complete tuning’s on-site as required.

Do you play your piano often? 

Our six-monthly and annual tuning contracts help maintain pianos in pristine condition.

Book A Piano Tuning


A Piano should ideally be tuned at least once a year.

For regularly played Pianos, twice a year is recommended.

Due to the massive amount of tension on the strings through the design, Pianos will go out of tune even if not used.

Not too expensive. Our prices start from £66 (incl. VAT at 20%).

Most of our Piano tunings take an hour. Concert or recording work might take longer depending on the environment.

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